Wecome to Qin’s Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Qin’s Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine is in Rockville, Maryland
and very conveniently located at very near to Rockville town
center. We provide the full services of Traditional Chinese
Medicine to help people’s healing and prevent disease and we
will help you regain your life back by treatment root of problem.

Our services  

Chinese herbal,
therapy message,
Cupping Therapy,
Gua Sha
Qin's Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
932 Hungerford Dr. Suite 38A. Rockville. MD. 20850    301-792-7278    feng9404@yahoo.com

Our Locatio

932 Hungerford Dr.Suite 38A
Rockville. MD. 20850


Tel: 301-792-7278
Email: feng9404@yahoo.com

Saturday: 9.00a-4.00pm
Sunday: close
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